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Housing in BitLife is pretty simple, but it does have its uses. If you need room for a large family or lots of pets, you might want to look into a larger home. Being able to comfortably house your growing family is pretty important. But what if you want a certain type of house? What if you want to flex your wealth and complete a challenge? Keep reading to figure out how to find a mansion in Bitlife and what kind of prices you can expect to pay.

How to buy a Mansion in Bitlife

Like any other asset in the game, the process for buying it will be the same. When you want to buy a house, head to the Assets tab, then click Go Shopping at the bottom to get started.  Just look through the various options and look at the possible prices you can afford. If you have the cash to buy it outright, offer to buy it upfront. This will avoid monthly payments, but can easily cost millions of dollars for a mansion. If you can’t afford that, go for a loan and deal with the monthly payments instead.

What houses are considered mansions in BitLife?

Like all other assets in the game, these houses are clearly marked in the Assets tab, as well as the Real Estate menus. When you want to buy a house, head to the Assets tab, then click Go Shopping at the bottom to get started. You will be presented with various options for houses, cars and more to buy. The three types of home that count for Mansion in Bitlife are the Manor. These will show up in three varieties, and each one will have its own price range that they cost. You could pay $8 million or more for the biggest homes, smaller mansions cost a few million. Still pricey, but not too much.

  • Haunted Manor
  • Manor
  • Luxurious Manor
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If you’re trying to complete a certain challenge, you might need to own a haunted house, so be on the lookout for that. If the houses you see listed in the various realtors don’t work for you, you can always reroll the options. To reroll the listed houses, just age your character by using the Age Up button.

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