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Roblox has been down for nearly 2 days

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A global Roblox outage has been going for nearly 30 hours worldwide. One of the most popular children’s gaming services in the world is gone, with no news of when it’s returning.

And it’s not due to increased server load, as far as we can see.  With more than 40 million active users, this particular gaming platform is one of the biggest in the world. The company behind it has been evaluated at as high as $45 billion after the developer launched its IPO this past March. The core of the experience is a massive community of users making small indie games, called Experiences. These experiences often tie in with lucrative corporate promotions as well. And with a massive fanbase of primarily those under 16, Roblox has huge potential to age well.

Users all over began to panic late Thursday when server issues began to happen. Players were getting disconnected from games and the whole platform seemed to be struggling. After a few more hours of issues, it seemed like the servers finally buckled. Early Friday EST, the game platform went down entirely.

The Roblox outage got started as soon as this news broke. Users all over the globe were locked out of the site and associated games entirely. Profiles and everything else to do with the service was inaccessible. The site itself was replaced with a generic announcement image, offering no updates to users. “We’re making things more awesome. Be back soon,” says the on-site message.

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The Roblox outage has fueled speculation that a major problem has occurred. Some outlets have even begun fueling rumors that the service may never come back. The Twitter account for the company did acknowledge the outage, but offered little news. They did post an update on Friday  that clarified some things.

“Still making progress on today’s outage. We’ll continue to keep you updated. Once again, we apologize for the delay,” said the Twitter post. The devs went further and cleared up a misconception about a recent Chipotle promotion saying, “We know that this outage was not related to any specific experiences or partnerships on the platform.”

That said, they are yet to confirm when the platform will go live again. “We know you’re having issues using Roblox right now. We’re sorry and working hard to get things back to normal.” says the official Roblox Twitter account.

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