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Cuphead hops onto PS4


Cuphead, the difficult platformer for PC, Xbox One, and Switch, has made the leap to PlayStation 4. The release was a surprise one, as no real news about the port has been revealed by Studio MDHR. The console has been a raucous success for Sony so it’s a good move for getting more people into the game.

Users on Resetera spotted the store listing for a variety of regions, noting that it had not been formally announced much ahead of said launch. It’s likely something that was timed with the oncoming release of the PS5, to catch the PS4 when it has the maximum possible saturation. Studio MDHR has already five million copies across all platforms, and thanks to the massive number of consoles out there, the PS4 is sure yo add to that number.

The PS4 release of Cuphead wasn’t the only news for the game today either. The Xbox port of the game got a pretty sizable update with new content as well. The Xbox patch added a digital gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary and much more to the game. If you haven’t fired up the Xbox version in a while, now is the perfect time to do so.

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There is some bad news though; the Delicious Last Course DLC, which was announced in 2018, is still seemingly stuck in limbo as the devs work on finishing it up. No news has been released along with this announcement as to when the eventual release might be.

Cuphead is out now for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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