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Where to find ant eggs in Grounded

Guide to food in Grounded

Ant eggs in Grounded are a unique resource that can be used to craft some very special weapons and tools. They can be used to make Ant Bombs and some other very useful items. Having them at the ready can make other tasks easier. The real problem is that Ant Eggs will not be easy to get. Use this guide to find out where to find ant eggs in Grounded.

Where to find ant eggs in Grounded

You will need to head to the Anthill in the northern part of the map. It’s kind of on its own, near the top of the area. You will start seeing more and more Worker Ants as you get closer. This makes it easy to farm items like Ant Mandibles and Ant Parts for both the basic and mounted varieties of Ant armor sets. Use the map marker below to find the general area of the Anthill in-game. The area is just south of the giant wooden posts, so don’t go that far. The dry grass gets more common around the area as well.

Deeper into the hill you will also find much more dangerous Soldier ants, as well as the mounted varieties of both kinds of Ants. There will be a pair of Soldiers guarding the entrance, so you will need to either sneak past them, or the better option is to take them on. You will absolutely need to have Tier II tools and armor before you try this. The Ant Club is very useful for taking on Ants. A bow and arrow is also a good option.

Use the video below to find out exactly where to go.

After you get inside, head deeper into the colony. It’s all but required to bring a Torch along with you, so be sure to do that. The dark environs are much less dangerous if you can see what’s coming at you. None of the ant workers will attack you unless you attack first, provided you took out the Ant Soldiers without angering more Ants.

There will be many more Soldier ants here though, and they will attack on sight. Be ready to fend them off and move on as you delve deeper into the twists and turns of their underground home. When you find the ant egg chamber deeper into the structure, grab the eggs and make a hasty retreat.

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