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Guide to food in Grounded

Guide to food in Grounded

Grounded is a survival game that’s basically a mix of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and A Bug’s Life but it’s a video game. The game is all about a group of humans being shrunk down to the size of bugs, and has some very unique mechanics and gameplay. At its core, the experience is a survival game. Players will have to find a variety of resources, including food, to survive in the game. As you go about your adventures you will notice that you consistently need food in Grounded.

Your hunger levels are found on the UI, as indicated by the chicken leg icon on your screen. Keep your eye on the smaller the circle around it, the more that fills up, the hungrier you are. And you need to continually eat food to keep going, so here’s how. The basic means of cooking food in the game is done through a roasting spit.

But remember, you can still eat uncooked and raw mushrooms for a boost of food if you’re starving.

To create a roasting spit, you need three resources: four pebblets, four sprigs, and three dry grass chunks. The pebbles and sprigs can be made through a few means. You can find them spread around the map, but the grasses are harder to get to. You need an Axe for starters. This does require scanning a pebblet at the crafting computer station. Crafting an Axe requires 3 sprig, 2 pebblets, and 1 woven fiber. Take that Axe and find some grasses to move on to the next step.

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Keep an eye out for both basic crafting resources and food as you play. When you find one, you will usually find the other as well.

Once you have the resources for making the spit, place it down in a safe area. From this point on you can keep gathering resources and building your base up.

From there, it’s time to start adventuring. The Roasting Spit will cook various kinds of meat. The best way to store food long-term is the drying rack. The Drying Rack does reduce thirst faster, but the food will never spoil.

But there’s much more food in the game, including smoothies. Check out the full video guide below for the details.

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