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War Thunder goes supersonic with 1.85 update

War Thunder 1.85 Update Live

The vehicle-based combat of the incredible and realistic wargaming sim, War Thunder, just got even more blisteringly fast. The “Supersonic” update for War Thunder, or technically known as 1.85, landed yesterday, and brought a bunch of new and revamped features to the simulator.

The namesake for this update revolves around the introduction of three new planes, being the first in a class of high-speed supersonic-capable fighter aircraft. Specifically, War Thunder pilots will be able to take flight with the American F-100D, the Russian MiG-19PT, and the British Javelin Mk.9. Each of these new craft is capable of a high-speed “Supersonic” states, complete with visual and audio effects to help with immersion. And all of these new high-speed mechanics are integrated with the already hyper-realistic flight models in War Thunder.

In addition to these new planes and the added combat mechanics, players will also gain access to a new set of air-to-air missiles for various Rank VI craft, including Helicopters.

But hold onto your butts, because planes weren’t the only new and improved aspects in this latest update.

Over on the naval side of things in Naval Forces, War Thunder added a bunch of new warships to the already impressive roster of craft in the mode. Players will now be able to sail the following craft into battle: the U.S. USS Raleigh (CL-7), German KMS Köln, British HMS Dido and Soviet Krasny Krym. In addition, the full Royal Navy shipset has complete Closed Beta testing, and is now fully out, adding more than a dozen different iconic British Navy ships to the lineup. There’s also some new locations and new missions being thrown into the bunch with this update.

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And finally, the Ground Forces section of the game got a bunch of new content and some other changes as part of the 1.85 update. The biggest and most important bit is that there’s a massive new Italian tech tree, featuring more than 30 vehicles, with technology spanning from the 1930s to the end of the Cold War. But it’s not just the Italians getting all of the love in terms of fine warfare machinery. Update 1.85 brings various IFVs such as the M3 Bradley and Type 89 for United States and Japan respectively.

War Thunder 1.85 is out now, and you can download War Thunder for free from the official website. Check out the trailer below to see some of these new vehicles in action.

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