How to purchase upgrades for your Multi-tool on a Space Station in No Man’s Sky

How to purchase upgrades for your Multi-tool in No Man's Sky

Your Multi-tool is the most vital piece of equipment in No Man’s Sky. Everything you do on your adventures is somewhat connected to it. The variety of tasks you have to undertake while exploring planets means you need to have the best tools you can get. And now it’s much easier to get the best possible version. Following the Origin’s update in No Man’s Sky, you can purchase your Multi-tool upgrades from just about any space station. You used to have to hunt down these upgrades on random planets at abandoned outposts, that has now been streamlined. Players are probably pretty thankful for that change.

You’ll see that the vendor you’re looking for even has a “Multi-Tool Research” marker on them. Their name may differ between stations, but you’re still just looking for the Technology Merchant on a Space Station. They should be right next to the other merchants, such as the Exosuit, Exocraft, and the Starship research merchants in the area. By the way, you can also trade Upgrade Modules to Technology Merchants to get Nanites in No Man’s Sky. You could also look into getting more repair kits while you’re around as well.

All the upgrades for your Multi-tool will be found within this particular merchant. Just be sure to shop around for any other upgrades you may need for your ships and other tech. The Multi-tool merchant offers a variety of upgrades for your Multi-tool for Nanites. Each upgrade will have its price, and there is some variance. You will find randomized prices from 60 to 300 or so Nanites for each upgrade. Be prepared to do some farming.

How to Find Nanites in No Man’s Sky

Being a secondary currency, it can sometimes be hard to find these Nanites. They will spawn in little Nanite Clusters that are randomly scattered throughout the game. There is one way to find Nanites that seems more reliable than any other. Your best source for Nanites in No Man’s Sky is abandoned outposts and undiscovered planets.

When you find an abandoned building on any planet, that’s your best source. Break out the digging tools and get to work. You will use the digging tool and create an X shape around the building from underneath. This will be the start of a tunnel system that has you searching for Sentinels and other enemies. The eggs you will sometimes find underground are your target. Dig out a hole underneath the egg clusters deep enough for enemies to fall into. If you do it right, when you shoot the egg, the enemies spawned should fall into the hole. You can then run up and get some free damage in while fighting them off. Repeat this process for each egg cluster for a ton of resources. The Sentinels sometimes found around these structures are another source of Nanites, if you’re even more combat-oriented. Your Boltcaster and Scatter Blaster will chew through ammunition through this process, so craft a bunch,

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There are many different sources you could also use to get small amounts of Nanites. Uploading Discoveries to the relevant source can award them, as can completing certain NPC missions. The rewards are smaller though, so farming through these methods will take longer. Another option is through the abandoned Freighters found around space. Freighter containers can sometimes hold this valuable resource.

You can also use Salvaged Data. Salvaged Data is in Buried Technology, found on most planets and most often near Broken Machinery. 1-4 Salvage data is received from each Buried Technology. A Salvage Data can be refined into 15 Nanite Clusters each.

Nanite Clusters can be refined using a Refiner with the following ingredients:

  • Runaway Mould x5 → Nanite Cluster x1 (“Recycle Waste Materials”, 1.5 sec./unit output)
  • Platinum x35 → Nanite Cluster x1 (“Reality Warping”, 0.6 sec./unit output)
  • Platinum x25 +  Gold x15 +  Silver x15 → Nanite Cluster x1 (“Transmutation”, 0.9 sec./unit output)
  • Hexite x1 + Faecium x1 → Nanite Cluster x1 (“Alchemical Construction”, 0.5 sec./unit output)
  • Pugneum x25 → Nanite Cluster x1 (“Reality Filtering”, 0.7 sec./unit output)
  • Hadal Core x1 → Nanite Cluster x50 (“Doom Cycling”, 0.6 sec./unit output)
  • Salvaged Data x1 → Nanite Cluster x15 (“Nanite Extraction”, 1.0 sec./unit output)

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