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Sean Bean coming to Hitman 2 as an elusive target

HITMAN 2 Sean Bean Elusive Target #1 Reveal

Infamous man of death, and by that I mean an actor whose famous for playing roles where the character dies, is showing up in Hitman 2 to do what he does best. As the first Elusive Target in the game, Sean Bean will be getting taken out by a digital army of Agent 47’s.

Just like other Elusive Targets in the franchise, Sean Bean’s character will be a limited-time mission that forces players to only have a single shot at taking him down. If you fail your mission, and don’t manage to restart the mission, you lose your shot at that Elusive Target. Mark Faba will be the name of the character that Bean plays and the Elusive Target mission, called The Undying, and the mission will launch on November 20.

So if you think you can take on Bean/Faba, go pick up a copy of Hitman 2 and try your luck at taking him down.

If you want to see more of Hitman 2, check out the Welcome to the Jungle teaser, there’s also the intro video to the Colombian areas in-game. Santa Fortuna. Then you should go take a look at the gadget trailer showing off some of Agent 47’s favorite “toys”.

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Hitman 2 is scheduled to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13. Check out the trailer for Sean Bean in the game down below.

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