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Path of Exile 3.14: Ultimatum League is coming

Path of Exile: Ultimatum Announcement Date

With a new trailer, Grinding Gear Games has teased the upcoming launch of the new Path of Exile expansion, Path of Exile: Ultimatum. Get ready for a new league to come crashing into PoE.

The new expansion will push PoE into version 3.14, and bring us closer to Path of Exile 2. Being a teaser, there’s only a bit we can learn from the trailer, but it does have some very interesting visuals. The red hue might suggest we’re heading into some new realms. We may also get peeks into the history of the game world with all these ancient statues around. We get a quick glimpse of what could be the new NPC representing this league as well.

We’ve covered the patch notes, check out our guides on that and more PoE 3.14 content below.

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As of now, there’s a lot of speculation as to who the mysterious figure is. The current ideas point heavily to Doryani of the Vaal, one of the legendary figures of the ancient civilization. So it looks like we’re getting more Vaal lore.

We see some interesting teases of the new expansion, and can possibly glean some details. We get glimpses of some encounters with the new league mechanic, suggesting we’re in for another league like Legion or Delirium. Or as I like to call them, “touch the thing, kill stuff” League. It’s hard to guess what implications this will have for the story laid down in Echoes of the Atlas, but things might be about to get very chaotic indeed.

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We might see some history about the world of Wraeclast, judging by that statue with a striking resemblance to a Chaos orb. So when does the new announcement happen?

What’s coming in the announcement?

Path of Exile: Ultimatum will get a premier live stream that will occur at 1pm on April 8th (PDT). Tune in to the Path of Exile Twitch channel to watch live as studio head Chris Wilson discusses the new expansion. We will likely get some deep dive gameplay footage, followed by a live Q&A with creator ZiggyD and Chris Wilson. Then, Senior Designer, Rory Rackham will appear on the Baeclast podcast after the reveal to respond to fan questions. And yes, we’re also finally getting more news on Path of Exile 2.

It will be very interesting to see both the new League and the fan reaction to it. There will also no doubt be some questions pushed up about Harvest crafting, or if Path of Exile 3.14 will iterate on deterministic crafting in general. You will just have to tune it to find out.

Path of Exile’s Expansion Launch Date

You’ll be able to play Path of Exile: Ultimatum for free on April 16th (PDT) on PC and on April 21 (PDT) on console.

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