How to get Obsidian in Forager

How to get Obsidian in Forager

Forager is a huge and expansive game that has a ton of stuff to do. When you want to craft better weapons and the like, you will need some rare resources. Obsidian in Forager is one of those rare resources. This highly-addictive mix of pixel art and adventure makes it somewhat challenging to progress, unless you have the right tools. Here’s how to get Obsidian in Forager.

How to get Obsidian in Forager

You can only get Obsidian as a drop from Fire biomes, so start there. That means you need to pay to unlock the option after progressing in the game a bit. Depending on the richness of the fire biome you want to buy, you may have to spend as many as 60,000 coins to get it. Once you have it unlocked, you need to do some prep work to mine the Obsidian. Here’s what you need to do.

There are some very small deposits of the rare ore dotted around the place, but you will always need more.

How to increase Obsidian yield

There are ways to boost the spawn rate, as well as how much ore you gather, for obsidian and any other ores in the game. You need two things to get more of the rare ore faster than you can just find it naturally.

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The Quarry is a needed item to increase the spawn rate of ores nearby where it’s placed. If placed inside a fire biome, nearby Obsidian deposits spawn much more frequently. Its effect will stack as well, assuming you can craft enough and place them close together.

Another upgrade you can use is the Lighthouse. This item needs to be unlocked via the Optics skill before you can use it. Once you have that ready, you really want to place it anywhere you plan to spend some time. The Lighthouse will accelerate the rate at which the player mines resources. And yes, the effect will stack as well.

Quarry materials are as follows:

  • Five Amethyst
  • Five Emerald
  • Five Topaz
  • Five Ruby

Lighthouse materials are as follows”

  • 15 Glass
  • 5 Steel
  • 30 Brick
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