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Making Currency in Path of Exile: Ritual League

Path of Exile 3.13 - Echoes of the Atlas announced

The Ritual League is here in Path of Exile. The new challenge league offers a great bit of fun for players willing to even casually engage with it. The real fun in ARPGs like this is the farming though, let’s be honest. The amount of loot in the game is why you really play. The loot can either be used by the player who finds it, or turned into cash. POE has this really interesting system where the currency items in the game are all deeply tied to the crafting system. And through constant adjustment, GGG has kept hyperinflation at bay. The system is rather ingenious, and it gets more fun to play with every expansion.

And with the new expansion, there’s a wealth of new endgame content to try, and of course, loot to be found. With all that in mind, here are some tips to help you make solid currency in Path of Exile: Ritual League.

Get a Good Loot Filter

It all starts with knowing what to pick up. You’re going to get showered with loot this League, and with the Ritual mechanic, there’s going to be a lot of different items to pick through. The strictest loot filters can easily help diversify what’s good and what’s junk, but many players don’t like the more strict options. These stricter filters are meant for racers and top-end players who already know what they want without question, and they only rarely stop to pick up anything else. Most players will instead opt for a happy middle ground that highlights both the rarest drops, as well as the high-end Rares.

Knowing what builds are popular can really help when picking out the trash from the treasure.

That’s where a site like POE.Ninja comes in. This fan-site keeps tabs on the POE economy, taking regular snapshots of item trading and currency values to give players a view of the health of the economy in Leagues and Standard. From glancing there’s plenty of unique items that are trading heavily, like Carcass Jack and Rumi’s Concoction, these can fetch a pretty penny if you’re selling earlier in the league.

Most Used Items for Ritual League

And as long as you’re playing the game consistently, you should have plenty of loot coming your way.

What should I pick up?

This is more of a game knowledge problem, as the game has a ton of loot, and it’s very hard to know what’s good or not. New players in particular will find out that even with a good loot filter, it’s hard to know what’s worth anything.

The first big of advice I can offer is to check the trading economy. But a word of warning, you can fall victim to scams if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why I strongly recommend trading on the most obviously valuable drops

Use a site like POE.Trade to figure out what the prices are for items listed on POE.Ninja. Take what builds and items are popular, and trade the items, skill gems and other stuff those builds need. With that information handy, let’s talk about some of the items that you would generally want to grab in POE when they drop.

  • Currency Items — Especially in SSF, any currency items can be picked up. If you’re a die-hard fan of the game and spend a lot of time with it, consider investing the money into buying a Currency Stash Tab.
  • Maps — Any map drops can be useful early in the League. You can also trade Maps you have already completed for those in the same Tier that you haven’t with other players. Also, the Map upgrade Vendor Recipe can be helpful for Atlas completion.
  • Six-Links  — Any Six-Links that drop naturally can be sold for 1 Divine Orb, any item with six Sockets can be sold for 7 Jeweller’s Orbs.
    • Vendor Recipe Fodder — This is one of those sub-categories of items that drops off in value as a League goes on. Flasks, quality weapons and other drops take up too much stash space to be worth it, unless you’re placing SSF and need the currency from Vendor Recipes.
  • Rare Uniques — This is probably one of the most common scam targets, so be careful. Be sure to check the viability of any unique item with POE.Ninja before trading it. Also, be sure to price check any item that you get offers for if you’re pricing it way below market value.
    • Common Uniques — Common uniques that are often used, like Flasks, are a good pickup as well.
    • Corrupted Uniques — A much rarer drop are Corrupted forms of Uniques. These can have powerful modifiers on them thanks to Corruption, very rarely do they fetch a high price though.
  • Jewelry — Rings, Necklaces and other Jewelry items are almost always worth the pickup when you start getting into later Maps. High Item-Levels combined with powerful mods can make things like Rare Steel or Two-Stone Rings very valuable for a build or trading.
  • Quality Gems — Any Skill Gem with more than 20% Quality on it can be incredibly valuable. 20% Quality Gems of the most popular skills also have some value early in a League.
  • High Item-Level Bases — Crafting is a huge part of the endgame in POE, and the best crafting bases drop from high Item-Level maps. Hold Tab while hovering over an item to see its Item-Level. The higher the Item Level, the better the mods that can roll on that bae during crafting. Although for most new players, you won’t be worrying about it, as ti’s mostly elite players trading for these bases to sink currency into for endgame crafting.
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Make use of Vendor Recipes

The currency gained from Vendor Recipes is a reliable way for Solo-Self-Found (SSF) players to make extra currency for crafting. The most useful of these, and the easiest to get reliably, is the Chaos/Regal Orb recipe. By trading in a full gear set of boots, gloves, belt, two rings, an amulet, chest, helmet, and either two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon, you can get one of the currency items. Item Level 60 to 74 sets will grant a Chaos Orb. Item Level 75+ sets will grant a Regal Orb.

Use Ritual Vessels to improve Maps

The new League mechanic offers a fun way to juice your maps for added drops and mob density. The Ritual Vessels can be the key to incredibly powerful maps with tons of enemies in them. Be careful though, as these increased packs can be dangerous. But with making currency in Path of Exile, having more things to kill means more loot.

You can slot up to four Ritual Vessels along with a map into a Map Device, with each one having its own impact. Make sure to read the descriptions of what each Vessel does before using it though, some can be more dangerous than others, especially if they add enemies you’re not prepared to fight.

Don’t be Afraid of old League Mechanics

Delve and Heist are some great sources of loot. Even though the new Tribute Rewards give you some great crafting bases and other rewards, raw Currency rewards in POE are always good. Hunting down Sulphite is a pain for many players, and there’s even an informal player economy out there trading access to Sulphite Maps and Scarabs.

The Scarabs in particular from Betrayal League are a great source of income by trading them to other players. GGG also added the newer Winged Scarab tiers, making these more valuable. So if you were going to focus on older content, anything from 3.0 onward is a pretty good bet.

Just Have Fun

t doesn’t matter how efficient a player you are, not really, as long as you’re having fun. Find something you like and you can almost always find a way to turn it into making currency in Path of Exile.

And don’t be afraid of coming back after taking a break to try something new. You have plenty of time to play in Ritual League, and infinite time to play in Standard. Heck, you might even want to check out your old Standard stash and see if you have in extremely valuable items with Legacy rolls. Legacy items are items that can no longer drop in the game, or ones that have modifiers that can no longer roll. These are some of the rarest and most powerful items in the game for crafting. If you played a lot in previous leagues, you might even have a few of these lying around.

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