How many ages are there in Age of Empires IV?

How many ages are there in Age of Empires IV?

The many different strategies of Age of Empires IV make for some very interesting choices. Players have to guide an ancient civilization all the way to the modern era, and it’s not easy. There’s a delicate balance that must be struck between scientific and military development, culture, and the pursuit of overall power.

This new sequel has added a bunch of new and revamped mechanics to the game. Veteran players might recognize some things, but a lot has been altered. Trading Posts and Relics are back, but the developers have added a bunch more. Aside from the shiny new visuals, there’s a lot of gameplay tweaks to learn.

How many ages are there in Age of Empires IV?

Each Age has a defining theme and tech level. Every age moves the time forward, and unlocks new technology levels. Factions get much tougher as time goes on, so militaristic players have to plan ahead a lot. If you don’t know what you’re facing in each age, you’re bound to lose. For example, you need to get to Age II to have access to Traders via the Market. You need Age III unlocked to get access to Monks, so that you can capture Relics. Knowing how to use these systems is key to victory.

Here’s the basic breakdown: Age I is the Dark Age, Age II is the Feudal Age, Age III is the Castle Age, and Age IV is the Imperial Age. Each civilization in the game can get to all four ages, but there are some differences. Each faction needs to unlock it in a slightly different way.

Each progression tier is unlocked by building a Landmark in your empire. When you build the massive Landmark for your empire, you can move forward one Age. Some factions only have one Landmark, although some empires can alter their path by choosing from a few options. For example, the Chinese Empire can choose to create the Barcian of the Sun, or the Imperial Academy. Each landmark has a distinct visual style and certain bonuses attached to it.

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