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PUBG dynamic map introduced in Season 9 update

PUBG dynamic map introduced in Season 9 update

The new Season 9 update will be led by a PUBG dynamic map but with a bunch of other stuff thrown in. aramo is described by PUBG Corp as the game’s “first dynamic map” with new weather patterns and more added in. The map has been teased for months now, with tons of fan theories popping up to explain the new map. Some fans even suspect that time travel is part of the lore. So let’s talk about what the game will actually get.

The new map has a 64 player limit and is built around much larger squad games. The new zone is smaller than other maps, but geared towards encouraging more intense conflict.  One of the title aspects of the new map will be more prolonged battles ringed by new supply and weapon drops. Circles of death will close slower in this map, and there will be a new helicopter that flies around doing supply drops.

One of the other new features is G-Coin, the answer to Fortnite‘s V-bucks from this game. Players can buy this currency to afford new cosmetics and other stuff. And yes, you can earn this stuff via the battle pass system in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The system will also be built into the battle pass stuff players already have access to.

The big addition is the dynamic map, that offers a much more interesting gameplay solution to the problem of replayability. Paramo is the name of the new map. The new dynamic map will land as part of PUBG Season 9. The map even has a more interesting weather system including a massive active volcano.

But that’s not all coming down the pipe for Season 9 of the battle royale hit. PUBG Season 9 will include a bunch of other additions as well. There will be a fresh Battle Pass for players to explore, complete with 50 tiers of rewards. Players will complete challenges to claim as much as 1,000 G-Coins worth of rewards. The pass will cost $10 or 990 G-Coins.

The developer also released some trailers showing off the new content, check that out below.

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