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How to Recharge Ki in Zenkai Origins

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The new DBZ-themed Roblox game is a big hit. Zenkai Origins features many of the iconic attacks and settings from the legendary anime. The fans of the Saiyans will be happy to get in on the action. You can live out many iconic moments from the series and do battle with intergalactic evil. But first, you need to learn the basics. After all, Goku started by fighting the incredibly weak, relatively speaking, Radditz in the anime.

One of the most basic elements is powering up. You need the energy to fight, and that’s where Ki comes in. Ki in Zenkai Origins becomes very important as a result. When you’re in fights, you need to be able to use your attacks. Charging up your Ki in Zenkai Origins is the first thing you should learn to do.

How to Recharge Ki in Zenkai Origins

It’s actually very simple, you just need to press and hold C on your keyboard to recharge Ki. It will take some time and you will be unable to use attacks while charging up. Once your Ki meter is full, you should be able to hop back into the fighting.

If you have other questions, learning the controls won’t be too bad an idea. For one thing, learning how to increase your stats can raise your Ki limit. Press M to bring up the main menu, then press the Stats button. Putting points into Max Ki will increase the amount in your pool. You can spend Zeni in the shop to unlock new abilities as well.

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Zenkai Origins controls:
M – Menu
F – Block
E – Ki Blast
Q – Dodge/Step Vanish
G – Transform 1
H – Transform 2
Shift + W W – Super Speed Fly
Shift/Ctrl – Fly Up/Down
ALT – Toggle Shift-lock

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