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Pathologic 2 is a deep and dark horror game remake from Ice-Pick-Lodge

Pathologic 2 Alpha Teaser

Ice-Pick Lodge, the indie dev behind the original Pathologic, is heading to Alpha with the “sequel” they’ve been quietly working on.

For those who don’t remember the original game, it was an open-world exploration game from 2005 that saw the player trying to survive a plague-ridden town, all while unraveling the mystery surrounding said town. Pathologic was a strange game with lots of references to other horror-themed franchises and content.

Judging from the teaser, Pathologic 2 is going hard into weird as hell territory. And even though it’s essentially a prettier remake of the original game, it has a lot of different and new content.

The Pathologic 2 teaser wastes no time with going into the macabre and strange setting of the game. We see tons of townspeople, all twisted and driven mad by disease. The trailer has lots of shots of the city’s architecture too, all of it bearing a similarly creepy vibe. The plague’s effects are potent and far-reaching. The citizens are cautious of outsiders. They use flamethrowers to burn infected bodies. Everything seems unsafe. Seems like a nice place for a vacation home to me.

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You can learn more about the game at Pathologic 2‘s website. You can also check out the newest teaser trailer down below.

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