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Kirby Star Allies getting no new content

So it turns out that since Kirby needs to go save the world in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he can’t stick around in Kirby Star Allies. OK, in all seriousness, HAL Laboratory has just announced that Kirby Star Allies will get no more new content, and that the game is essentially done.

a new blog post from HAL Laboratory confirms that this is the end for new material – as well as thanking players for their continued support.

Kirby Star Allies debuted for the Nintendo Switch March 16, 2018, and was immediately inundated with high praise from gamers and critics. The developers immediately set to work updating the game with new “Dream Friends” or new characters that would be playable and feature as helpful friends throughout the course of the story. The most recent update, which added Magolor, Taranza and Susie to the game, will be the last release for Kirby Star Allies.

And though the game was a good entry into the series which was pleasing to fans, it’ll be good to see what the next phase in the life cycle of the iconic character looks like. It will be some time though until another mainline game in the franchise comes out though. So you may want to spend some time playing through some of the older games while you wait.

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