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Riot teases new Valorant game mode, Replication

Valorant Could Come to PS4 and Other Consoles

Valorant is getting a new game mode in Replication, a mode that allows players to alter the game in some very strange ways. The video shows a quick teaser of the new mode, suggesting that Riot is altering the gameplay pretty significantly. The preview shows us a bunch of Brimstone explosions being triggered. That could mean that players will get enhanced abilities and weapons in some ways.

It remains unclear what Riot has planned. The general consensus seems to be that heroes will have boosted abilities in effect. Brimstone could trigger many more explosions. Raze could end up throwing an entire swarm of molotovs. This would make Replication a much more intense game mode. The maps don’t look to be too altered, nor do they look like destruction is turned up. Overall, it seems like players get more abilities. The outcome of this could mean that matches end much more quickly than usual. Making it easier to swarm an enemy team in fire could make it much easier to take them out.

If you’ve been looking for a mode that has a chaotic and incredibly difficult-to-survive experience, this might be what you’re after. If players can replicate any agent or agent ability, this is going to be a huge mess. Yes, it will still be tons of fun, but things are going to get chaotic very fast indeed.

The release date for Replication was not revealed as of yet.

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