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New Path of Exile 3.7 expansion may be called Carnage

Tencent Acquires Grinding Gear Games

So every time a new Path of Exile expansion is due to launch, the playerbase goes into a full firestorm of speculation, a firestorm that developer Grinding Gear Games is all too happy to fuel. The upcoming announcement for Path of Exile 3.7 is not breaking away from this trend.

Earlier this month, community lead on the game even saw fit to tease the fans just a bit, by showing off a list of words commonly used in metal band names. This might seem weird, until you learn that the name for the Path of Exile 3.7 league is on the list. Players immediately scoured the list looking for connections to the game and the developer, with many landing on Carnage as a hint. Other players looked at Ritual with a keen eye as well.

Both of these are somewhat fitting with the themes commonly at play in POE. But the new challenge league could well be called Carnage, and here’s why. For one thing, the Carnage armor set from way back in the day makes an appearance in one of the teasers for the announcement, and while a URL on the POE site for the word “carnage” used to lead to the Carnage Mystery Box Announcement page, it now shows the equivalent of a 404 error. Could this be GGG prepping a new version of that URL to announce 3.7?

The more compelling evidence is of course in the melee rework that the developer has planned for the patch. With the 3.6 and Synthesis update massively revamping spells, melee skills needed some bloody love, and they’re going to get it.

Just yesterday Bex spelled out just as much in a deliciously sinister Tweet, which you can see below.

Could this all be a fakeout and elaborate troll from GGG? Sure. But with GGG Bex and the rest of the crew, you can never be too sure about what they’re up to. Path of Exile 3.7 is due to announce in just a few short hours, so we’ll finally learn just what GGG has in store for us.

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