Can you catch a shiny Gastly in Pokémon Go?

How to Get Shiny Gastly in Pokémon Go

With the upcoming Gastly spotlight hour, fans are preparing to get a bunch of Ghosts on their team. During the event tomorrow, players will encounter increases in spawns, as well as bonus rewards. There has been no mention of a special boost to the spawn rate of shiny variants. he Gastly Spotlight Hour will be hosted on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. It will be from 6pm to 7pm local time in your time zone. The game will once again have another set of events for players to complete.

How to Get Shiny Gastly, Shiny Haunter, and Shiny Gengar in Pokémon Go

During that time, you can also get a boost to Stardust rewards for any Gastly captured. So stock up on Pokéballs before then so you’re ready for the festivities. And if you’re shiny hunting, you better bring along a good luck charm. The odds of capturing a shiny Gastly, unfortunately, are not very high At the base rate, assuming no spawn changes, there’s a one in 425 chance of the Gastly being shiny.

Shiny rates change for Pokémon featured during Community Day events. The standard shiny rate on these days is 1 in 25. But since the spotlight hour isn’t that, there’s no change.

The best hope you have is to hunt for nests. You’ll find a lot more Gastlys in specific areas when you find a spawning nest out in the world. These can be very rare and hard to find, so it’s best to know your area well.  If you have trouble finding them, you can use the Silph Road Nest Atlas to find nests marked by other players.

Since the shiny Gastly in Pokémon Go is a part of the original Gen 1 roster, it has a shiny form. in fact, all the original 150 Pokémon have shiny forms in the mobile game. Gastly’s shiny form has been out for some time, so any hardcore player should likely have seen it at least once. And if you get very lucky tomorrow, you might see it again.

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