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Temtem is a very complex MMO that’s heavily inspired by the likes of Pokemon. With tons of side quests and hundreds of Temtem to tame, there’s always something to do in the Archipelago. Players will uncover a wide array of loot and hidden objectives as they adventure around. And even though the game is still in a very early stage, it’s only going to get better from here.

You will eventually come across a quest to find some missing kids during your run through Temtem. Check out this guide to know where to find out the missing kids. This will be just another quest that you can now check off your list. When you reach Brical De Mar, head to the academic building and look for the teacher on the top floor. This will begin the quest.

In Brical De Mar you will get a quest to find the students Yusuf and Roger from a teacher. You will need to get the surfboard, in order to find them. Once you have the surfboard, return to Brical De Mar and head on towards the west side of the city. Cross the water using your surfboard, and continue heading west. Once you are past the detective house, you will see a couple of kids chilling out on the beach. Go and talk to them, and they will tell you not to snitch on them. There’s no right answer here, although your answer will affect the reward you get for quest completion. I went ahead and told their teacher they were skipping classes and got a decoy, which will allow you to escape a battle.

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If you’re a more visual learner, here’s a video guide on where to find the missing kids.

If you’re looking for more tips about Temtem, we have plenty of other guides as well. Here’s how to battle other players in the game. And if you find yourself struggling to get ahead in combat, try leveling up a bit. Players also found some interesting ways to try and game the grind of leveling up their Temtem. The Coward’s Cloak is the rough equivalent of an EXP Share in the game, which you can only get with the Surfboard.

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