Where To Find The Snapshot In Far Cry 6

Where To Find The Snapshot In Far Cry 6

There are many different hidden locations in Far Cry 6. The hidden locations all over the map hide a ton of weapons and cool gear. There are many powerful weapons from pistols to rockets around the islands of Yara. It’s a warzone after all, so you’re going to need some deadly armaments. One decent weapon to get your hands on is the Snapshot.

While it looks relatively similar to an SMG, the Snapshot is actually a fully automatic pistol. It also packs quite the punch. The power of this weapon can be increased with mods like the Soft-Target Rounds and the Small Compensator. You can deal more damage, or reduce recoil, with these mods. While you won’t be able to blast apart armored targets with it, it’s great as a backup weapon.

Where To Find The Snapshot In Far Cry 6

Your goal is to find the Golfo Vasto Lighthouse. The lighthouse can be found to the West in the Cienaga Nublada National Park. This area is found within the larger region of Balaceras. The lighthouse itself can be seen high above the ground on the southwest coast of this island. Head along the main road north of the National Park, it will eventually lead you west, toward the lighthouse. Use your grappling hook or a flying vehicle to reach the top.

On the metal walkway on top of the lighthouse, you will find the gun inside a crate. The crate you’re after has a fish on top of it, as a clue.

Medicine is another good thing to hunt down if you’re upgrading your base. You will need it to expand your base. It’s also much easier to find out in the world. You might also want to go hunting Durable Plastic from enemy vehicles. To get plenty of camp resources and other upgrades, you might want to gather up some Yaran Pesos. If you’re after a better set of gear, go find and upgrade the Supremo.

Far Cry 6 is available now on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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