How to change attack shortcuts in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

How to change attack shortcuts in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix made the call to switch away from the turn-based battle system to a more real-time variant. The change was met with some backlash from hardcore fans of the classic PSX RPG, but most understood why it was a change that was justified. The system operates similarly to the real-time system of Final Fantasy XV, with plenty of abilities and the like being used.

And with all of the spells, attacks, and abilities in Final Fantasy VII Remake, there could be too many for some people to manage. For those of you who fill overwhelmed in the heat of battle, they can press X and activate a time slow effect that gives you some breathing room. This is great for tactical planning in tough boss fights. And with the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo out, there’s going to be a lot of players having some questions about the intricacies of the system.

The sheer volume of enemies in the game means that players will need to consistently swap between different attacks and spells. Lucky for those of us playing the demo, there’s a shortcut system that makes this much easier and cuts down on time sorting through menus.

The game has the option of allowing you to set four shortcuts in all, just press L1 to cycle through your options. You can map one action, be it an item or other aspects to one of the face buttons. You can use this for all abilities, and even for items, making things much easier to manage.

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When you first launch the demo, there are three options set. Players have immediate access to Braver, Focused Thrust, and the use of a potion by default. Most players will want to change these though, here’s how.

How to change attack shortcuts

The process of changing attack shortcuts in Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is simple. Defeat the first battle, then open the Options menu and go to Battle Settings. Sort through the menu to the characters whose shortcuts you want to change. Press X on the relevant shortcut and a Command menu will open up, change the shortcut from here.

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