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Sea of Thieves begins its second monthly update with Dark Relics

Sea of Thieves Dark Relics Launches

Sea of Thieves kicks off its next monthly update with Dark Relics, the newest batch this cycle, with several more planned. It joins other major expansions like the Forsaken Shores that add new content to the sea-faring sim.

In terms of new gameplay, pirates can claim various ranks and commendations with several new factions. The big draw here, and the activity with the best rep and loot payout, is the Dark Relic voyages. Scattered at various random points around the map, these relics are guarded by hordes of new undead enemies, and brinigng back their skulls and hidden treasure can claim various bonuses.

Bonuses like Mercenary Commendations, new cannons and other cosmetic upgrades, and finally a huge batch of Doubloons. All Dark Relic Voyage Commendations, Doubloons, Titles and rewards time-limited for the duration of the Dark Relics update.

A bunch of balance adjustments and bug fixes are patched in as well. Rare added a new Rowboat made specifically for hunting that’s equipped with a harpoon. These harpoons can also be used to fire resources found on islands back to your ship, making speedy extractions under fire easier and a bit more fun. For general difficulty changes, there’s a new enemy type called the Stronghold Keg Skeletons to contend with. And the spawn rate of Gunpowder skellies has been reduced.

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Other more specific tweaks including a rework of Arena matchmaking have been introduced too. It’s even possible to mute players in the Arena menu more easily through some UI adjustments.

Check out the trailer down below, showing off some of the new content. Sea of Thieves is out now for PC and Xbox One. Find the full patch notes on the official site.

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