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Sea of Thieves adds Black Powder Stashes as part of new monthly content

Sea of Thieves Black Powder Stashes are Live

So Rare has really been quite good about keeping Sea of Thieves feeling fresh with plenty of new content and missions to keep players engaged. And with the upcoming round of content, that stable of activities is growing a lot more explosive, as new Black Powder Stashes will spawn around the game world. Interested crews can embark on these hunts for barrels of gunpowder with various in-game factions while at port, much like many other quests in the game.

Just like many other treasure hunts in Sea of Thieves, expect to have to fight your way through legions of skeletal undead. That’s of course assuming you even make it to the islands where the mission objectives spawn, as Rare has put a ton of other stuff into the game to help distract players. Evade the massive sharks, deadly kraken, hordes of roaming player crews, and the ghost pirate ships looking to blast you to bits, and you can finally get a shot at these new caches of booty.

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And as is to be expected, players who complete this new mission earn special cosmetics and other rewards for doing so. For example, crews can earn sails, flags and a new figurehead for their vessel. Faction-based reputation can also be increased by completing these tasks.

Sea of Thieves is out now for Xbox One and PC.

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