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Spider-Man Comic-Con trailer teases story and characters

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During Comic-Con in San Diego this past week Insomniac and Sony had more to show with the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man with a new gameplay trailer.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane  Watson will need to work together to unravel the tangled web of mysteries going on in this game, and we see a bit of that cooperation in the trailer. Something nefarious is going on between Silver Sable and Norman Osborne, and it’s up to this dynamic duo to figure out what’s happening.

The city is out of control, and mayor Osborne is willing to use increasingly extreme measures to keep himself in power and get a handle on the situation. As we see in the trailer, players will need to use both Peter and Mary Jane in a variety of ways to track down and foil various evil plots. And they’ll have to deal with all of that while the city becomes increasingly chaotic and hostile.

Check out the SDCC trailer down below. Marvel’s Spider-Man comes out on September 7 on PS4. It’s currently in development at Insomniac Games, and being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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