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The Falconeer shows off whimsical land in new trailer

Falconeer Gamescom 2019 Trailer

The Falconeer is a new game from the same genius behind a wonderful Skyrim mod. Check out the newly revealed adventure in a new Gamescom trailer.

The game is created by the talented Tomas Sala, the same creative force behind the Moonpath to Elsweyr Skyrim mod. He has also been behind various other successful ventures, like the Little Chicken Game Company, with a portfolio of mobile and VR titles. With this latest game though, the publishing is being handled by Wired Productions, the same folks behind GRIP: Combat Racing.

The Falconeer itself is an open-world role-playing fantasy game with both a unique gameplay loop and artsy style. As you control a giant falcon mount, the player will explore Great Ursee, all while trying to survive various dangers. Surviving these challenges allows you to gather various relics left over from the land of Ursee’s long-forgotten gods and ancestors.

But this game is much more than an exploratory collect-a-thon. As you explore the world, various enemies will look for an easy snack from you and your mount. Having to fight these foes off with aerial combat is an integral part of The Falconeer. Using both melee and ranged attacks offers plenty of strategy for these sections as well. Aside from wandering monsters, ival factions are searching for those same relics you’re hunnting, and the competition will get very fierce.

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The Falconeer will release next year for PC, though no firm release date has been announced yet. Watch the Gamescom teaser trailer below.

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