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Among Us roadmap hints that friends lists and new maps are coming

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The developer Innersloth, behind the surprise multiplayer hit Among Us, has promised a bunch of new features coming to the game soon. Players have already gotten good news when the developer announced they were abandoning plans for a sequel to focus on the current game, but now it’s getting better, In a letter posted to Steam, the developer posted an Among Us roadmap that details some of new stuff coming to the game.

The biggest changes are new maps are coming in 2020. Many players have already thoroughly memorized the layout and naming conventions of the maps in the game right now. The first batch of updates will include a bunch of new maps, with the charge being led by a new “Henry Stickmin themed” map This will be one of the bigger maps in the game and will include a new set of tasks and altered layouts. A release date for these has not been given for the new maps.

This will also be joined by better accessibility options, like colorblind support, as well as a bunch of features to make the game less annoying in other ways. A feature to report hackers is coming as well. The other major update for this improvement is the addition of better localizations to expand international appeal for the game.

Finally, we’re getting a full friends list option added in over time. Players will see the ability to communicate and play games with friends added over time. The feature set will likely “barebones at first,” but will be more refined as time goes on. That could be in as early as December.

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Though before all that we get a simple update this week which adds an Anonymous vote option to the game’s settings. The Anonymous Voting option will remove each player’s color when votes are placed.

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