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Get Dungeons 3 for free via the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store free game of the week is Dungeons 3

Epic has really been cranking out the spooky and terrifying these last few weeks with their storefront. The Halloween Sale just wrapped, putting a bunch of games on sale. They had been giving plenty of free games away as well, although the spooky theme looked to be broken by them giving away Wargame: Red Dragon. Now it seems like plans changed as a new game has replaced the offerings this week. instead of titles like Costume Quest 2 and Layers of Fear 2, we’re getting Dungeons 3.

The game came out around 2017, as another sequel in the long-running franchise. Anyone who has played Dungeon Keeper knows very well what they’re getting into with these games. The player is tossed into the role of an evil overlord who just wants some peace and quiet. The trouble starts when a bunch of rowdy adventures start to encroach upon your lair. If you’ve seen the anime Overlord, you’re kind of in the right headspace. Though you’re nowhere near as OP as the leader of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, you do have some very loyal followers and dangerous traps to defend your spooky home.

Dungeons 3 is available now until November 12 at 11 AM EST. Go grab it and watch the trailer below while you wait for it to download. Although most of you will probably have to watch something a little longer unless you have really fast internet.

Dungeons 3 was developed by Realmforge Studios to be the sort of evolution of that idea that they had refined with the previous games. A big part of the formula is keeping the RTS action flowing. As players take on the various treasure hunters and other threats that invade their lairs, they must devise more devious traps to counter more powerful foes. That progression poses a challenge as you decide what areas to focus on.

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That might not sound like a lot but you can’t really beat the price of free via Epic. Normally the game retails for $30, and for that you get a campaign with 20 missions and more than 20 hours of play. If you end up enjoying the game, there’s also a long list of DLC you can hoard as well. There is actually a literal hoard of DLC, so take a look if you really like the game.

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