How to Complete Full Metal Soldier Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete Full Metal Soldier Challenge in Bitlife

This week in BitLife, we’ve got another unique challenge to get done. This time we’re going after a unique reward styled after the iconic anti-war film by Stanley Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket. The options you have to complete this new challenge are pretty complex, but not too hard. You just have to get a little bit lucky. The Full Metal Soldier Challenge in BitLife isn’t as violent or upsetting as the movie it’s inspired by, but that won’t make it easy. Keep reading to learn more about how to get this all done.

How to Complete Full Metal Soldier Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Full Metal Soldier Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Enlist in the Marines
  • Hook up with an Enlistee
  • Murder your commanding officer
  • Survive more than two deployments
  • Receive an honorable discharge

You need to start with a character with a little bit of high stats. Start with good Smarts, and then focus on keeping your Health high. Go to the gym regularly and use the fitness-related options in the Mind & Body tab to stay on top of this. The other thing you need to focus on is your education. As you move through primary education, focus on doing well with the Study Harder option and frequent trips to the library. That will keep your Smarts up. The next potion of the Full Metal Soldier Challenge in BitLife involves getting a college degree, it doesn’t really matter what kind. Mathematics or English are good options.

After getting a degree from any college, click the Military button under the Jobs menu and you’re good to begin. You will be given a few branches to choose from, pick the Enlist in the Marines option. From there, you can then move on to the next step.

That step is to hook up with an Enlistee in BitLife. For this, visit your Co-Workers tab from the Jobs and then the Activities tab. This will allow you to pick a coworker and then interact with them in various ways. When you pick a person of the gender you’re attracted to, one of the options will be to hookup. If they say yes, you’re good to go. Sometimes you will get rejected, you just need to try again. After enlisting in the Marines, use the Work Harder option continuously for a few in-game years to get the challenge to complete.

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Then comes the annoying part, where you need to murder your commanding officer in BitLife. Murder in BitLife can be done via the Crime menu in the Activities tab. You will then be prompted to pick a target. Make sure to check your job to pick out your commanding officer. You can also find the murder option by clicking on them in the jobs menu. Once a target is chosen, pick a weapon to use. The RNG will kick in here and decide if you’re successful, as well as if you get caught. This is the most difficult step, and where luck is the most important. Things can take a turn for the worse here if you get caught. Getting sent to prison will prevent you from getting an honorable discharge, so you need to get very lucky here. The option you pick to murder can help your chances, choose something like scaring them to death to make the process easier.

If you have the cash, you can use the rollback paid option to go back in time one year. If you don’t have that option, you might need to restart if things go too wrong.

How to receive an honorable discharge in BitLife

Getting an honorable discharge in BitLife basically means completing all your tours of service. Once you get through two of your deployments in the Marines, it’s pretty easy to get this step done. All you really need to do is to not screw up. This means you should avoid committing crimes and other bad behavior. This includes things like drinking and partying, so just be a good soldier. The key here is to master the Minesweeper-like BitLife mini-game you have to play in your time in the military.

Once you make it out, you’re all good. And that’s all the steps for the Full Metal Soldier Challenge in BitLife over and done.

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