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The Scope Video Turns into Live Event

EVE Online Drifters

A new Scope video was published by CCP today.  The subject was the autopsy report on a captured Drifter corpse.  Surprisingly, the station in Yulai where the report was being broadcast from came under attack from a group of Drifter battleships.

The Drifters lost multiple battleships while only killing 10 capsuleer ships (1 Malediction, 1 Claw, 2 Crusaders, 2 Imperial Slicers, 1 Cormorant, 1 Thrasher, 1 Atron, and 2 Veletors).


Despite some initial reports indicating that the Drifters had heavily damaged a station, the only visible damage to any infrastructure remains the still unrepaired CONCORD Bureau station.

Stories appearing in the videos new scroll included:

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