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Will Total War Saga: Troy have multiplayer?

Will Total War Saga: Troy have multiplayer?

A Total War Saga: Troy takes the battle into a completely new realm of myth and legend. Players are being thrown back to the furthest point in history that the Total War series has gone. This new game focuses on the 20-year war between Troy and Greece. The epic time of the Illyad is frankly the perfect candidate for making a war game, due to just how absurd some of the stuff that’s been built into that legend.

So now players have some questions. One of the main questions players seem to have is about whether the game will have multiplayer functionality. There are plans to have multiplayer, as other Total War titles have had multiplayer, but Troy will not have the feature at launch. Creative Assembly are planning to add multiplayer at a later date though.

Total War Saga: Troy roadmap

The developers have released a roadmap for the game which details what the plans are for launch, and well into 2020. The game’s release on 2020 will include the main campaign, then the developers will begin laying the groundwork for future updates. The first major update, due in September, will add mod support for the PC game. The first two batches of paid and free DLC will follow in the next two months. CA has slated the launch of multiplayer for November 2020. The exact dates are not known, but it seems that at least we will get multiplayer and some DLC in the future.

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Another potential hiccup for some PC gamers is that the game was announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive. This will likely lead to some boycotting the game, but I imagine hardcore fans will just tough it out. A Total War Saga: Troy will eventually come to Steam, but that will take some time. There is no exact date for the Steam port, but it seems like things will shift over in 2021 at some point.

At the very least the game will be free for a short time on launch. It’s a very weird thing to deal with, but at least it will have some incentive to get players onto the Epic version.

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