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Updates for the week of April 24, 2015

HERO Coalition News

This week has been relatively quiet in terms of both SOV warfare and political drama.  A few fights have broken out as the Fountain invasion and subsequent Delve war end, capsuleers brawl with Drifters in Yulai, and HERO opens up shop in Fountain.

As NC. completes its’ withdrawal from Null and SOV, it seems they’ve taken a queue from Pandemic Legion and have moved to Providence for a time.  A major fight between the two occurred in the system of G-5EN2.  Wherein NC. Lokis and Archons brawled with Provibloc.

Providence Bloc answered the provocation with an overwhelming show of force, bringing almost 500 pilots to the system divided into 5 fleets: The main fleet was a 205 pilots strong Proteus Strategic Cruiser fleet, supported by 2 Ishtar Assault Cruiser fleets (one of which fielded by the Providence Bloc’s long time enemy, Spectre Fleet), a Goku (Uncloaked Stealth Bombers who remain on grid) wing and an ordinary Stealth Bomber wing.

The two forces met each other on the Assah gate in the G-5EN2 system, as the Loki fleet landed at zero on the Proteus fleet’s Logistics wing. Immediately a brutal exchange took place, as the Providence Bloc and [NC] slugged it out in close range. The Providence Bloc lost nearly half their Logistics wing in the exchange, but managed to take down a few Lokis for their losses. However, the Triage remote repairs proved to be overwhelming, keeping most of the [NC] fleet alive.

The Two Forces Engaged on the Assah Gate

As the exchange continued, a decision was made to switch to the Triage Archons. This was done in order to get the Lokis to aggress on the fielded Proteus, allowing Providence Bloc to bring in their own Triage Carriers. Yet, the damage output of Providence Bloc proved to be so overwhelming, that the first pair of Triage Archons was destroyed with a couple of minutes, prompting the [NC] force to attempt a retreat, burning back to the Assah gate.

Pandemic Legion forces entered the system around this time, flying a Muninn Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet, some 40 pilots strong and an equal sized Maulus Frigate e-war fleet piloted by their newbie friendly alliance, Pandemic Horde.

The force attempted to help the [NC] fleet but was bombed mercilessly by the Providence Bloc bomber wing, and forced off field. At the same time, Providence Bloc managed to destroy another Archon, as well as bubble the rest. Thus the [NC] Loki fleet was forced to jump out to Low Security Space, or risk total annihilation, leaving the rest of the Archons to be destroyed by Providence Bloc, who now had Heavy Interdiction Cruisers to keep them trapped.

Archon Wrecks Drifting Forlornly on the Assah Gate as the Fighting Continues


With the last Archon destroyed and both Pandemic Legion and [NC] on the run, Providence Bloc cleared the field and returned to their staging system.

Battle report for the G-5EN2 system can be found here.

Transitioning South to the region of Catch, HERO coalition has begun transferring the region to multiple buyers.  Namely, Lasers Are Magic, and P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S.  This comes on the heels of Against All Authorities taking several systems in the region earlier in the month after HERO withdrew to lowsec.

HERO has made progress on it’s plan to take control of the region of Fountain from Imperium.  At the time of writing, 6 systems belong to HERO, with another 7 in the midst of being transferred.  HERO coalition leadership issued the following statements to members this week.

50% of moon transfers are completed, with the remaining moon transfers primarily destined to BRAVE.
7 sov systems have been transferred so far (with BL ninjaing one) but we are primarily blocking on moon transfers finishing before we do the rest of the sov transfers.
All FA, LAWN, and BLAST stations are now dockable.
We hear your feedback clearly that people would like to get SB00N in Fountain sooner rather than later. We will have an announcement on that shortly. Edit: announcement of move to YZ- is now out and reproduced below.
All coalition alliances are now represented diplomatically and militarily on SOUND IRC, trimming the diplo skype channel from ~40 to ~18 in the new secured IRC channel and introducing a new single military coordination channel where there was none before. Callout to Nancy Crow and Aaeriele for stepping up seriously to coordinate.
We are in process of selling Catch systems and expect to have 10+ systems sold and transferred by next week. We seriously meant it when we said ‘get out of Catch’.
I expect to publish a map by the end of this weekend detailing where you can expect to see people living, where to (not) stash all your stuff, and more.

Get ready for a fun and exciting weekend!

Here’s the ping Lychton just sent:

::weekendupdate:: ::weekendupdate:: ::weekendupdate:: ::weekendupdate::

Ok gang, our Brave Dojo is all settled in, the market is about 85% seeded, and the momentum swing in terms of bodies has calmly shifted from Defsunun towards YZ-LQL. Since we are ahead of schedule, we are going to just wrap it up by ensuring we provide safe transit for our newbies to get moved into Fountain throughout this weekend.


Mildirs will provide an update to FCs in a few hours. We are updating the Brave Wiki’s Standing Orders page as we speak. Dojo is going 200% SRP for losses incurred during fleets. Propaganda teams and MS paint wizards should make pretty things, to help us tell our fellow bravelings that the best time to move is this weekend. Thomas, pls no blingy flair though.

Lastly, as per the SOTC Update from June this morning, we are in the middle of doing pos/poco/sov transfers. We are also drawing up our potential regional maps and proposed JB plans and should have that out in the next few days. In order to not undo the excellent work that June Ting has been doing and disrupt the transfer process, she is retaining executorship through the rest of our transition into Fountain. I’d rather us do things when appropriate rather than enforce arbitrary timelines.

7o, -Lychton + June

tl;dr – BNI/Brave weekend move-ops, SOV stuff still in progress, June staying on as executor for a bit more.

Finally this week comes the weekly update video from Hendrick Tallardar detailing the news and CCP-published updates from the week.

The Mosaic expansion is just next week, which means more news and info about it got revealed recently.

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