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PUBG connection issues reported, fix on the way


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a rather popular game. And even though it has certainly lost some ground to the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends in terms of public awareness and brand visibility, millions still play in its bloody playground. But with some news that broke earlier, people all over the world are seemingly being hit with connection errors.

The bug causing the problem is being traced back to Xbox Update 8, which recently dropped onto the Xbox One port of the shooting game. Included in this updates is a new progression system called Weapon Mastery which introduced a new tiered unlocks system for gamers as they play in matches. The patch also committed to re-balancing spawn locations and loot on various maps, including both Erangel and Vikendi.

As of now, the issue is only being reported for Xbox users, players on other platforms appear to have stable connections and games.

And it’s no secret that people really like to play PUBG, and that some people are rather addicted to it. Just this past week a sad and tragic story out of India revealed that a 15 year-old had stabbed his older brother over the game. Apparently the older sibling had chastised the minor over his obsession with the mobile port of the battle royale title, trying to make him stop playing it. This caused the child to fly into a fit of rage that resulted in him murdering his older brother.

So if you’re currently experiencing this bug, find something else to play and wait out the fix. Or maybe just put the games down for a few hours and go for a walk or something. A little fresh air never hurt anyone.

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