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Total War: Warhammer shows off Dwarf faction and underground battles


Ever since I fell in love with the original Shogun: Total War years ago, I’ve been hopelessly hooked on Creative Assembly games. I’ve bought and played every game in the Total War series for countless hours; and now Sega and Creative Assembly are blending that love with one of my favorite tabletop wargaming franchises in Total War: Warhammer. ISKMogul covered the game previously with it’s first gameplay footage.

Now, Sega is showing off a faction within the game in the form of Dwarves. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer has a grudge against all those who have wronged his race in the past, who knew? And this new trailer showcases part of his story.


A first look at underground battles in Total War Warhammer!

Deep beneath the World’s Edge Mountains, in the throne-room of the Dwarfen capital Karaz-A-Karak, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer broods.

Poring endlessly over the Dammaz Kron, the Great Book of Grudges, he dreams of vengeance for the countless betrayals and treacheries against his people. And sometimes, just sometimes, an opportunity to settle an old score presents itself…

This spectacular new trailer uses in-engine models and animations to introduce the sturdy, redoubtable Dwarfs, one of four playable races in Total War: WARHAMMER.

Great miners and smiths, the Dwarfs craft some of the finest arms and armament in the Old World. Marching to battle in suits of rugged yet wonderfully ornate armour, they field a devastating array of black-powder weapons and artillery. In times of dire need, the gyrocopters of the Everpeak Aircorps stand ready to right old wrongs, launching skywards to rain explosive hell upon their foes.

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