How to unlock and roll Dice in Sea of Thieves

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Season Five has added a bunch of new cosmetics, emotes and other junk to Sea of Thieves. Pirates love to show off a fair bit, making it a lot more fun to sail the high seas. You can shoot of the cannons and blast skeletons to bits, but some players have fun with the more cosmetic variety of stuff in the game.

You will need to make it to Renown Level 5, which isn’t too hard to do. The Season Five unlock will carry through in future seasons. Upon reaching Renown Level 5, you will automatically receive the Rolling Dice emotes in your Vanity Chest. However, there’s something to know. That is, starting in Season Six, the Rolling Dice emote became a part of NPC Larinna’s inventory. You will need to buy them from that NPC; found outside of any Outpost tavern. The emote pack will cost 50 doubloons.

How to unlock and roll Dice in Sea of Thieves

You don’t need to do anything else once you unlock them, and that’s great. The Rolling Dice Emotes are available to all players and do not require the Plunder Pass or being a Pirate Legend to unlock.

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Those who make the effort to get through the early levels of Season Five can earn themselves six different Rolling Dice emotes. The names of the emotes, each of which corresponds to the sided Die they roll, are as follows:

  • Roll a D4
  • Roll a D6
  • Roll a D8
  • Roll a D10
  • Roll a D12
  • Roll a D20

Press RB to bring up the emote menu and choose the option you want to use.  To change your equipped emotes, hit up a Vanity chest. You can find Vanity Chests on ships or in front of the Clothing Shop at any Outpost. That’s all you need to know about how to roll Dice in Sea of Thieves.

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