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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks



Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a surprisingly complex and intricate mobile game, as is the par for Niantic at this point. And if you’re one of the fans who managed to get their hands on it, you may have some questions about how the whole game works and its basic mechanics.

If that’s you, we’re here to help with our beginner’s guide to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. So let’s not waste any time and get to work, so that we can have some fun in the magical world.


Professions are the main classes in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Each of the Auror, Professor and Magizoologist trees offer a wide array of buffs, attack skills and other goodies to unlock that allow players to take on tougher challenges and hunt down more Foundables and Traces. These are unlocked at Level 6, after completing the main tutorial.

Lessons are the primary way in which you level up. By expending magical Traces and other consumables, explained a bit later, you can gain new skills. You’ll want to do this as the skills you unlock can make you extremely powerful. Aurors and Professors are scaled more towards combat and dealing with hostile Traces, while Magizoologists are more geared towards capturing Foundables. Pick the class that best suits your desired playstyle.

Traces, Dark Detectors, and more, OH MY!

Traces are the primary encounters out in the world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Your goal is to capture them just like you would in any other Niantic game. Dark Detectors are the equivalent of Lures in Pokémon GO. If you put a Dark Detector on an Inn, you’ll reveal rarer traces for 30 minutes.

Capturing Traces is pretty easy, once you encounter one, just perform the motion on the screen to cast the proper Spell to capture it. Be careful though and keep an eye on your Spell Energy. As you encounter more powerful Traces and other baddies, they may well resist your capture attempt.

There are currently 14 spells in the game, although players should expect to memorize more hand motions as the game ages.

Spell Energy

Spell Energy are just like Balls in in Pokémon GO.  You spend 1 Energy on each capture attempt. You will start the game with a pool of 75. Completing Challenges and going to Inns can restore this pool. So just keep travelling around. And if you’re lucky, Niantic has turned many areas that were stops in Pokémon GO into Inns in this game.

How To Battle

  • First, players need to physically go to the location of a Fortress on the game map. Yes, that means likely leaving your house and walking or driving to one.
  • At the Fortress, players need to spend a Runestone to enter the first level. Up to 5 players can enter at a time, but they’ll each need their own Runestone.
  • The higher the level of your used Runestone, the higher the level of the enemies inside and the higher the level of the Rewards. So, lower Runestones are great when you’re starting out and you aren’t very powerful yet.
  • Once the enemy appears, you’ll be guided to draw offensive spells to attack the enemy. There is also a timed-defensive spell that allows you to avoid some damage. This works much better than PoGO’s dodge and is pretty easy to time correctly and draw.
  • After defeating the enemy, you’ll claim your rewards and have the chance to decide if you want to move up to the next chamber, assuming you or someone in your party meets the minimum level requirements.

XP and Levels

The process for leveling up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is fairly simple, just get the required amount of XP. Anything you complete in-game, from battles to brewing and Lessons, will grant XP.

Here is the full breakdown of all of the levels and the necessary XP values to hit a certain level”

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1 – 0
2 – 1,000
3 – 2,500
4 – 4,500
5 – 7,500
6 – 11,500
7 – 17,500
8 – 24,500
9 – 32,500
10 – 42,500
11 – 53,500
12 – 65,500
13 – 78,500
14 – 92,500
15 – 107,500
16 – 123,500
17 – 141,500
18 – 161,500
19 – 183,500
20 – 208,500
21 – 238,500
22 – 273,500
23 – 313,500
24 – 358,500
25 – 408,500
26 – 468,500
27 – 538,500
28 – 618,500
29 – 708,500
30 – 808,500
31 – 928,500
32 – 1,068,500
33 – 1,228,500
34 – 1,408,500
35 – 1,608,500
36 – 1,828,500
37 – 2,068,500
38 – 2,328,500
39 – 2,608,500
40 – 2,908,500
41 – 3,228,500
42 – 3,568,500
43 – 3,928,500
44 – 4,308,500
45 – 4,708,500
46 – 5,158,500
47 – 5,658,500
48 – 6,208,500
49 – 6,808,500
50 – 7,508,500
51 – 8,258,500
52 – 9,058,500
53 – 9,908,500
54 – 10,808,500
55 – 11,758,500
56 – 12,758,500
57 – 13,808,500
58 – 14,908,500
59 – 16,108,500
60 – 17,608,500

Consumable Items

The hunt for consumable items in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a long and arduous one. The mobile ARG has many different materials scattered throughout its gameplay. Players will also randomly be assigned various challenges to interact with the game in some way, like using a Portkey. Completing these challenges will reward players with Gold, XP, and often gives them Scrolls too.

Brewing Potions

Brewing is a pretty simple process in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Potions can either be brewed using time or immediately by spending gold. to unlock potions, players need to be at least Level 4 to start brewing potions. Just play the game until you hit Level 4. And you want to do this, because potions can be very useful, both in battles and generic challenges.

The next things you need are ingredients. These are drops you find as you play. Travel around and pick up any ingredients you find, just keep in mind that some ingredients are rarer than others.

Brewing is simple:

  1. Tap your Suitcase icon
  2. Tap Potions
  3. Tap an available brewing slot. The slot labeled Brew Now will be the potion that is actively being brewed.
  4. Tap Brew next to the potion that you want to brew.
  5. Tap the next brewing slot to add a new potion to your queue. It will start brewing when the first potion is done. You can queue up to three additional potions.
  6. Tap the potion bottle to collect your potion once it’s finished brewing.

Note: You can spend Gold to get immediate brewing results or to gather any missing ingredients, of course, this costs real money.

How to Get Scrolls and Spellbooks

Scrolls are one of the many materials used to increase your skillset in this mobile game. Both these and Spellbooks are primarily used, along with Traces, to level up your magical skills and unlock new abilities in your skill tree of choice. And with three skill trees in the game, there’s a lot to do.

Thousands of Scrolls and hundreds of Spellbooks will be needed to max out just one skill tree, so let’s not waste any time explaining this.

Players earn a few Scrolls and Spellbooks just for playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Venture around, with a focus on completing challenges and other tasks, and you’ll start rolling in a few levels worth of the things.

To get more Scrolls and Spellbooks at the best return, players must complete Fortress battles. Fortresses are five-player dungeons with different stages and levels of difficulty. The difficulty and rewards scale up the deeper into these dungeons you go, but the rewards are well worth it. You can get Scolls, Spellbooks, rare Potion Ingedients and much more.

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