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EVE: Valkyrie dropping VR exclusivity and getting tons of new content in new expansion


With the new Warzone update for EVE: Valkyrie, CCP is changing the way the game works on a fundamental level. On September 26, the largest expansion in the games history is adding a slew of new content. In addition to the game being ported to PC, several new mechanics and features are being added in Warzone.

First up, is a series of new ships that players can dogfight in. The first of these is a cloaking stealth ship called “The Covert”. CCP have been developing and tuning the Covert for months now. The Covert is just one of many new ships being added to the game. CCP hopes that these new ships will drastically change the meta and force players into certain roles during multiplayer matches.

“[It’s] something we’ve been developing for probably over a year now,” lead game designer Andrew Willans explains. “It was one of those ship classes that we were all very excited about, but it’s taken us a while to get it just right and find a nice balance with all the other ships – it can actively cloak and decloak, which brings a whole range of different dynamics to a battle when you see those out there… or don’t see them.”

Warzone adds an entire fleet of these class ships – four assault, four support, and four heavy – each with its own range of abilities and a unique ‘ultra’ ability. If you’re thinking of Overwatch’s ultimate abilities, you’re not far off – they charge through the course of a fight and they’re potentially game-changing if deployed properly. To get to grips with the new stuff, there’s an all-new Flight School, which is a reworked tutorial area that will allow you to train without consequence and discover the intricacies of each class. You’ll want to head back there and train, too, since you can customise your ships to suit your playstyle.

According to CCP, The Covert will have a timed Cloak ability and will fit in with the other massive changes coming to Valkyrie in Warzone.The biggest shifts in gameplay come in two parts; one is the condensing of the existing fleet of ships into specialized classes, and the other is the introduction of a new tiered progression system based around ship modification. There are 12 ship mods for each class of ship, and players can unlock them through normal play.But there’s another way to unlock these mods, as well as cosmetic skins for the game.

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With Warzone, CCP is introducing loot boxes to Valkyrie. These boxes contain ship skins and certain sets of ship mods for different classes of ship, there are also XP boosts available that can expedite the leveling process. The system does seem to be pretty standard lootbox fare. Rewards come based on how often you win, but on average you should be getting them after about one in every two battles. When you open your capsule, you’ll get between two and four items as part of your reward.

Also, you’ll be rewarded with a loot capsule for completing the new Flight School tutorials. CCP hopes that these changes will encourage new players to stick with the game come September 26 when Warzone releases.

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