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Control’s Foundation DLC looks even stranger

Control's Foundation DLC

505 Games and Remedy have revealed some new details about the DLC for their latest collaboration, Control.  A new trailer released for Control‘s Foundation DLC showcasing new and interesting story elements in the cryptic style that this game seems to thrive on. There are hints that a new enemy is coming to the Astral world that the player has spent so much time trying to make sense of. Players will have to tackle this threat by venturing deeper into the mysteries of Control.

Control is a weird game, no one can really dispute that. With the new story branches in the DLC, there are plenty of things that are about to get weirder and even more unpredictable. Players will be confronting new dangers within the Oldest House, all in search of missing staff from The Board, and yes we will finally get some clarification as to what is actually happening here in the DLC.

It’s all very strange though, as is the game’s trademark style, so expect to have to use your noodle to piece things together. The themes at play here focus heavily on the unique Brutalist architectural style that has dominated the background of much of the base game. And with plenty of booming and haunting music to hand out as well, there’s a fair bit of spookiness to handle in Control‘s Foundation DLC as well.

Check out the trailer for Control’s Foundation DLC pack down below.

The Foundation DLC will launch on March 26 for PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games store. Xbox One fans will need to wait a bit, as the Xbox version of the DLC won’t be deployed until quite a bit later, on June 25. There is some more content coming alongside the DLC too, as a free update will offer more content for the base game.

The free update fixes some bugs and adds some much-needed quality-of-life improvements. There’s now a way to reassign ability points and respec your characters, finally. Some new gameplay elements will also be introduced to the base game, like a new Shield-based offensive ability called Shield Rush. So even if you’re not getting the DLC, there’s a good enough reason to hop back in when the free update drops.

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