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Inside Star Citizen: Station to Station

Inside Star Citizen: Station to Station

Another week has ended and we’re heading into the weekend, and that means that CIG is back with another series of updates on development for their space-based MMO, Star Citizen.

In this newest segment, the focus is put pretty squarely on space stations and the details that make up these orbital cities. After all, a space game needs planets, space stations and massive ships to truly feel immersive.

Previous outings in this video series have also taken a look at certain ship designs and other cool features.

A lot of players are still anxious though, as the progress of development on the overall game feels sluggish. According to some users, the progress on the overall game is mirrored in the lack of depth in terms of new planets and other locations. Cloud Imperium Games has been steadily working on adding detail to existing locales, but some backers are voicing discontent about the pace of progress. We can see more progress in this newest video segment, but the growing disillusion about the prospect of Star Citizen never being finished is hard to ignore.

It’s equally hard to be optimistic about the game’s chances of being released in a finished state. Sure, CIG could rush out an unfinished version of the Alpha with a few planets complete and then spend years adding new content, which seems like a more likely outcome with each passing day. But will gamers stick around that long? Does that version of the game have the staying power and engagement potential to keep players invested?

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Check out the new video down below. If you want to see more of the game being developed, why not give the Around The Verse video series a look? Those take a deeper dive at a variety of development progress items and a bunch of future features and plans.

Check out the latest patch notes on the official site. The funding for the project continues to grow at a steady pace. As of writing Cloud Imperium Games has currently raised $228,055,526 from 2,338,785 backers overall.

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