How to travel to Eternity in Destiny 2

Where is Xur, and what is he selling in Destiny 2

The 30th Anniversary of Bungie event Destiny 2 is underway. And with it, comes a new location on the game world map. The Eternity in Destiny 2 is a high-level location that players will encounter various special missions on. This place has a central first quest called the Dares of Eternity and contains many different branching activities. You will work with Xur and take on a bunch of quests for him. This then leads to many other quests from other NPCs. But most people want to know how to get the new weapons, and where to find Xur.

How to travel to Eternity and speak with Xur in Destiny 2

To get started, just open your Director and select the Eternity icon in the middle. When you finally load into the map selection, there will be a few options to pick. To go and find Xur, you need to pick Xur’s Treasure Horde. When you first enter the 30th anniversary, Xur throws you into a wave-based version of Eternity, the classic PvP map. You and other Guardians must fight off waves of enemies as fast as you can. We’re offering some helpful tips with that below.

If you want to get the new Gjallarhorn weapon, you need to head here. Speak with Xur and look through his inventory. Grab the quest, And Out Fly The Wolves. Once you finish that up visit Shaw Han on the Cosmodrome and complete the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon for them. There are other steps involved as well. Read each task carefully to figure out where to go from here.

Dares of Eternity Strategies

  • Eternity is a much tougher zone than many players have previously faced. It’s very important to focus fire on tougher foes. If you’re in co-op you and a buddy should always be shooting the same target.
  • The corridors of the map allow for plenty of flanking and use of cover, use these whenever possible.
  • Power ammo is also key for many fights. Since there’s often very little room to maneuver, you need to be able to DPS down enemies faster than you normally would.
  • Scouting with your radar is key to staying alive in packed fights. Being able to see enemies coming can help you choose when to engage.
  • Using a good mix of weapons that allow engagement at a different variety of ranges is also a very important strategy. Shooting a foe full of holes before they even see you is great.

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