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Gears 5 next-gen improvements include new voice acting and more

Gears 5 next-gen improvements detailed

The port of Gears 5 to the Xbox Series S/X will be getting a fair bit of improvements and changes. weapon skins, Mutators and new achievements as well as a New Game+ mode will lead the charge for gameplay additions. Players have plenty more to do this time around. For the hardcore players, there are even two new difficulty modes called Ironman and Inconceivable. And that’s not all.

There will even be some new voice lines with WWE Superstar Batista, otherwise known as Dave Bautista, for Marcus Fenix. The campaign will get the vocal stylings of the same person who played Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Avengers, which is awesome.

The Coalition has revealed a bunch of stuff coming in the port and it’s a lot. Faster load times are a given, meaning a little less downtime between shooting action. The performance tweaks and other Gears 5 next-gen improvement will also offer better framerates too. There are plenty of visual tweaks as well, as expected. The new port will run at 120 FPS Versus mode while cinematics in campaign modes have been pushed up to 60 FPS. The older versions of the game sometimes dipped below this mark.

The company even released a new gameplay trailer showing off the visual tweaks and Gears 5 next-gen improvements. Check that out below.

And with all of this the game is also getting story DLC as well. Zoë Curnoe, the lead producer for Gears 5spoke to IGN about what to expect in the DLC. They were being a little cagey about the details. “All I can say is December and the title is Hivebusters, so it might give you a little hint as to what that content might contain,” Curnoe said.

We do know that the DLC will account for 3-4 hours of total playtime when it launches.

The new story DLC for the iconic shooter is called Hivebusters. Scorpio squad returns to take on new groups of enemies after the extremely dangerous runs in hives from their last appearance. The new story follows much of the same stuff from Escape, and players can expect more of the insanely gory action. The story DLC releases sometime this December.

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