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MediEvil remake shows off in new gameplay trailer

Medievil full HD remake on PS4

It’s that time again for another trailer. This time, we’re taking a deep dive on the upcoming PS4 remake of the classic action platformer, MediEvil. MediEvil will launch on PlayStation 4 on October 25th. Watch the new gameplay video below. Within it, you’ll see some interesting things.

Not only are we getting a look at how the game has been remade for modern hardware, but so much more has been packed into this tiny package. For one thing, an interesting tidbit has revealed that developer Other Ocean Interactive has the original source code for the 1999 release of MediEvil on hand as a reference. This has no doubt been instrumental in keeping development focused and to keep programmers from deviating too far from the intended purpose of various mechanics. This also helped keep the artistic vision from the original game intact.

Other Ocean Interactive chief creative officer Mike Mika gave gamers more details in a post about this trailer and other work on the remake. Executive producer Jeff Nachbaur was also asked about various aspects of development. From the outset, the team wanted to deliver a new and improved version of the game fans loved, and it looks like they’re on track to do just that.

But something important to mention is that the team will change what needed to be tweaked, for the sake of fun. Some new content is also being pushed in which may have been altered from the original game. “We can see in there that they had intents to take the game even further,” Nachbaur stated, “There’s boss battles in there that have states that are not in the final game.”

Mika also stated that the new MediEvil will be creatively different from its predecessor. “Instead of going back and recreating that perfectly, we want to recreate what you remember about that game and what you took away from that game,” Mika explained. He also emphasized that the team is “walking in the shoes of the original creators”, and attempting to deliver a true and respectful vision.

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