Basics of Being Stealthy in Hitman 3

Hitman 3

Agent 47 is back. Hitman 3 adds a new twist to the assassin’s complicated story, and of course that means more killing. Agent 47 has a new roster of targets to take down. But you can’t go loud all the time, sometimes you need to be stealthy in Hitman 3. You may run into armed guards that will frisk you. Or maybe there’s a physical block in your way that you have to bypass by being more casual, or even disguised. These tips will help you do that.

So with all that in mind, here are some basic tips for keeping your cool and getting the job done.

How to Holster Weapons in Hitman 3

Given how much stealth is needed to get through this game, you will spend a lot of time getting prepared to actually carry out an assassination. You will need to bypass security, unlock doors, and find tools to use for the task. That means you can’t walk around with your gun out, you need to be incognito.

Pressing up on the D-Pad will holster your equipped weapon on consoles.  On PC, you will need to press H on the keyboard to do that. When you do that, the icon for your weapon will grey out, showing it as stowed on your person. Be careful though, as you can still be spotted with it if frisked. Most NPCs will just ignore you though, provided you’re not in a restricted area without the proper disguise. So keep that weapon hidden until you’re ready to make your escape. And if you’re going for the silent kills, refrain from using it at all costs.

There will be many levels where you need to ditch your weapons and tools as well. Restricted areas not only require the right disguise and proper timing, but also to bypass a frisk. To get past this, it’s a good idea to stash weapons and tools in hiding places. If holstering your weapon isn’t enough, you might need to go further. You may need to secret away some tools or weapons to bypass a security checkpoint or other problem. Being able to stash stuff in Hitman 3 is pretty important, here’s how.

How to Hide Weapons and Supplies

Sometimes you need to be prepared. Although Agent 47 can put his skills to impressive use, he’s not always going to be able to breeze through missions. You may have to complete rare challenges or infiltrate hardened targets, all with stealth and grace. And to accomplish that, you might need to hide your weapons and gear around the level in a given mission.

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Even though Agent 47 is a professional hitman, he sometimes has to improvise things on the fly. Be that weapons or traps, or even just figuring out where to hide a body, things can get complicated. Each mission will often have various obstacles like this to be overcome. When you need to get into a restricted area, the ability to hide things becomes really important.

You will need to stash any weapons you had on your person when disguised, especially if you want to pass a frisk by security. You will automatically be engaged with deadly force if you try to get frisked while carrying weapons, explosives or other gear. So you need to know where to hide things. To get started, find a secluded spot like a bathroom or out-of-the-way office. Look for something like a trashcan or other interactable item. When you find something that can hold a hidden item, you can cycle through your inventory and stash it. You can use  Z button on PC, the Triangle button on PlayStation, or the Y button on Xbox.

You will drop the item when you press the relevant button inside your inventory UI, so this is why you can’t be out in the open when you do it. Also, make sure not to leave and weapons or evidence nearby a body that you stashed. Find other places to put those kinds of things as they can pose a problem. If a body and weapon are found, this may trigger your target to go into lockdown, making them impossible to get to.

You can also use trashcans to dispose of items like poison that you no longer need. Say you can’t get caught with a detonator, stash it in the trash and move out quickly to avoid getting caught.

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