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Here’s how to get Lavos in Warframe

Here's how to get Lavos in Warframe

With a new update, Warframe has added its 45th unique frame to the game. With the new Operation Orphix Venom you need to farm for the new Warframe. You will have to make use of your Necramech, so go out and make sure you have that setup and ready to go. You can get Lavos in Warframe without the mech, but it’s faster to use one when farming for the items you need.

The new frame is a support frame with some very nice DPS potential. When combined with a good team, a Lavos can be very lethal. Lavos is another addition to the already expansive roster with its own unique abilities. Here are the four abilities that are unique to Lavos in Warframe. You can check it out in greater detail in the trailer below as well.

  • Ophidian Bite – Lavos can use a poisonous attack to lash out and consume foes for healing.
  • Vial Rush – Dash forward, crashing through enemies and leave behind an icy trail for lingering damage.
  • Transmutation Probe -You can break down Health and Energy Orbs into Universal Orbs that can provide both to you and your team. The shot sent out to do this also deals minor damage.
  • Catalyze – Catalyst Probes erupt from Lavos and afflict foes with a fire debuff, doubling damage dealt to them via certain ailments.

How to get Lavos in Warframe

Thankfully you don’t need to worry about farming components just yet. Although you will need to worry about getting the Blueprints. To get the Blueprints, you need to turn in Phasic Cells to Father at the Necralisk on Deimos. Here are the prices he will ask for each one:

  • Lavos Blueprint – 1500 Phasic Cells
  • Lavos Chassic Blueprint – 1000 Phasic Cells
  • Lavos Neuroptics Blueprint – 1000 Phasic Cells
  • Lavos Systems Blueprint – 1000 Phasic Cells
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How to start Operation Orphix Venom

You can start the Operation in the Navigation screen within your Lander. When you open up the Alerts tab, look for the new operation. You will be fighting some new bosses from the Sentient menace, so bring the heavy artillery.

The basic task for taking down the new bosses involves heading towards the white waypoints when you first spawn. These denote the Orphix monstrosities on the map. Each Orphix will spawn a giant mass of Orphix Resonators around it. Look for the red markers on the map for those. You need to head around to each red waypoint and damage the Resonators to take out the boss. This is a multi-phase fight, so be in for the long haul.

Each Orphix kill you contribute to will award you a certain number of points. Each set of points is turned into Phasic Cell. Expect to have to kill several of the bosses to get the BPs.

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