Marvel’s Avengers Pattern Guide

Ant Man, Captain Marvel, and Dr Strange playable characters discovered in Marvel’s Avengers

Since Marvel’s Avengers is a live-service game, of course, there’s a loot box mechanic. In this game, it’s called Patterns. These randomized loot drops come from enemies and crates in missions and are worth picking up. The unlocks are entirely cosmetic as far as we can tell. And since it is, there’s only really a need to unlock these items if you’re a completionist. There are some challenges for Challenge Cards that may require it though, so check that out to be sure.

How to get Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers

The Patterns are like any other resource or item in the game. You unlock them from completing missions, opening resource chests, or just playing the game.

As you play Marvel’s Avengers, you will encounter Patterns from loot drops and other sources. These are randomized rewards and can be very powerful. Since Crystal Dynamics ripped off a fair bit from Destiny, this system is pretty familiar. There are different Rarity tiers for each Pattern, going all the way to Artifact.

Each hero will also have cosmetic options that can be redeemed via the Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers. We can expect each hero that’s added as DLC will also get some too. Most of the options range from Rare to Epic tier, with a few gear bits mixed in. Pattern rewards can unlock for any playable character. The result of each pattern is randomized, so you may have to work at it.

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How to Unlock Fabrication Machine in Marvel’s Avengers

The Fabrication machine allows you to convert patterns into the various cosmetic items you can unlock for each hero. The Fabrication Machine is located on the first floor of the Technology Lab, go there to redeem your Patterns, You will have to complete the Armor Chase mission first before it’s unlocked though.

How to check what gear you have

Upstairs from the Tech lab is the inventory locker, head there. You have a total of 300 spaces in your Locker for basic gear. Going beyond that, you can get 300 more slots for Artifacts only. This does mean you will want to keep the best gear only at some point. You don’t want to fill up your locker with a bunch of junk, so break down or sell what you’re not going to use, because having six heroes share this space makes it come at a premium. At the very least you can sort your Gear by character, power level, rarity, or Gear slot to make management easier. So get rid of the junk when you no longer need it. You can also filter just the Gear for the character you are controlling currently.

Marvel’s Avengers hub Locker

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