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TimeSplitters 2 remake was a joke, according to THQ Nordic

TimeSplitters 2 Remake Not Coming

A TimeSplitters 2 remake has been a thing that the hardcore fans of the classic game have wanted for years. And according to an Easter egg in the strategy role-playing game Spellforce 3: Fallen God, there was a tease of that which fans took to heart. The gamers who spotted the teaser pointed out that an item in the in-game inventory possessed the title of the remake. That led to many trying to find out more, but not really getting anywhere. And it turns out that everyone read too much into it.

In a response to Eurogamer, a THQ Nordic representative has confirmed that a teaser easter egg did not mean to confirm such a thing. It was all just some self-referential humor on the part of the company. The teaser took the form of a boxed copy of TimeSplitters 2 which had a description suggesting some news was on the horizon.

The inventory in-game also had copies of other games in it. BioMutant and Gothic were also spotted as games in the inventory. That might not seem like much, but gamers are a pretty picky bunch, and the slightest hint of nostalgia will make them lose it.

THQ Nordic owns Koch Media, which acquired the IP rights to the TimeSplitters franchise back in 2018. That led credence to the idea that fans were expecting a remaster or something new from the games based on the Easter egg. Even Free Radical Design—now known as Dambuster Studios—the original maker of the games, is owned by THQ Nordic.

Of course, there’s still a chance for a TimeSplitters 2 remake to be a thing. There has been no news and it’s very much unlikely that we see more news coming in 2021.

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