Gastly Spotlight Hour – Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours - October 2021

In October, the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour is getting spooky with Ghost and Poison Pokémon. The mobile fans get their hands on a new event, complete with a bunch of different rewards and tasks. The Gastly Spotlight Hour is almost here. The Gastly Spotlight Hour will be hosted on Tuesday Oct. 12, 2021. It will be from 6pm to 7pm local time in your time zone. The game will once again have another set of events for players to complete.

Here’s the thing, the game isn’t stopping there. The mobile adventure game will bring a few more of these events incoming. During the event, players will be seeing increased spawns of the Gastly, as well as a few focused rewards for captures of that monster. Any captures during the event will reward players with a load of Stardust that’s two times more than the normal rate.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours – October 2021 Dates and Details

Here are the breakdowns for each day in the month and what you can expect to see

  • October 5th – The first run of the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour events in October 2021 is going to highlight Drifloon. This Ghost/Flying Pokémon evolves into Drifblim. Players can get a 2x bonus to evolution XP for this event as well.
  • October 12th – The Generation One Ghastly kicks off this week. The Ghost-type evolves all the way to Gengar, and is a huge staple in many teams. You get 2x Stardust bonuses this week.
  • October 19thGothita will star this time around. Players can get 2x bonuses to capture XP for the hour during this event. This Pokémon is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Gothorita.
  • October 26th – The final week of the month runs a Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour for Murkrow. Murkrow was introduced as a Dark/Flying Pokémon in Generation 2. It evolves into Honchkrow. During this event, players will find themselves being awarded with a bonus to Evolution XP.
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So that means we have two more Spotlight Hour events going on in the game. Niantic will bring out many more bonuses and other rewards for players who take part.

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