How to use Tarading Posts in Age of Empires IV

The many different strategies of Age of Empires IV make for some very interesting choices. Players have to guide an ancient civilization all the way to the modern era, and it’s not easy. There’s a delicate balance that must be struck between scientific and military development, culture, and the pursuit of overall power. Trading is an important part of doing this whole dance. Getting your trade empire up and running is a vital part of success in Age of Empires IV. The core of this economic engine is the Trading Posts in Age of Empires IV. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get them, and what they can do.

How to unlock Trading Posts in Age of Empires IV

Trading posts are randomly spawned locations on each map. Some factions can see them right away as a buff, but most players will have to hunt them down. To actually use them, you need to send a certain type of unit over. As for finding them, you will usually start with one nearby to your empire’s initial spawn. Send out some scouts in the general area and you may find one.

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The trading post is unlocked when you progress to Age II. When you get to this era, you unlock the Market. The market spawns Trader units, which can be used to generate revenue for your empire. These Traders visit the Trade Posts already spawned on the map, and generate revenue for you while present.

Once you have a Trader created. Lead them to a Trade Post to have them make money.

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