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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot unleashes Future Trunks in newest gameplay footage

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trunks

Bandai Namco has just released a new segment of gameplay footage for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. The gameplay itself details the debut of Future Trunks within the canon. The footage was revealed during Jump Fiesta recently. As a story-focused game, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will take its time building up the conflicts you’re going to fight, so we basically see a trimmed-down version of the destruction of mecha-Frieza and King Cold.

Future Trunks debuted within the series as a time-traveling Super Saiyan, with a portent of doom. The deadly heart virus that killed Goku in Trunks’ original timeline wasn’t going to happen here. Traveling back in time to warn the Z Fighters about the impending Android invasion, he breaks onto the scene by destroying Frieza and King Cold without even trying. The combat shown in the footage is much more of an actual fight, as the full 3D movement from games like Xenoverse 2 makes a return. Each character also has their own roster of iconic moves, and we see some from Frieza and Trunks during the segment.

Check out the latest Dragon Ball Z Kakarot footage down below.

The combat in this new story-driven RPG will share some elements with previous DBZ games. DBZ Kakarot will allow players to experience the entire Dragon Ball Z storyline. We’re talking all the way through the first Saiyan Saga and the introduction of Vegeta, in to the final moments of the legendary Buu Saga. And yes, incredible fusion Vegeto and Majin Vegeta moments will be in the game.

The game also features a hub world structure, showing a much more tuned RPG system at play compared to the customization from games like Xenoverse 2. Exploration is a big part of this new setup, with players encouraged to hunt down side activities to improve their skills between set piece fights in the improved combat system in Kakarot. And of course, fights in the games will also at times take a non-canon route. Training missions Trunks undertakes with Vegeta are one such example.

There are even mini-games for players to burn time with, like a fishing game. Players will fight, fish, eat, and train with Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and others from throughout the entire anime storyline.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will begin its final fight on January 17, 2020.

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