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Monster Hunter World sells 14 million units, Capcom says


Monster Hunter World has been one of the most wildly successful titles Capcom has ever produced. The Monster Hunter franchise has exploded in popularity thanks to the huge amount of tweaks and changes to the core gampelay formula brought on by the latest entry. The improved controls and crafting helped a fair bit in making the fifth mainline title more accessible. A very much improved animation and combat system also helped a lot in making the game more appealing.  And of course, the PC launch was a runaway smash-hit, pulling millions more into the fray, even causing many to  “double dip” and buy the game more than once. More and more gamers are being brought into the fold everyday it seems, at least according to recently revealed sales figures.

It’s no secret that the game has done well. In fact, Capcom just announced that the video game has crested 14 million units sold recently. It wasn’t too long ago that Monster Hunter World had amassed 13 million units sold, so another million is pretty surprising. Although there’s been two pretty major factors in helping swell those user numbers. The launch of the Iceborne expansion was the first of these, helping to explode the PS4 and Xbox One playerbase with new and returning players. The second major boost came when Monster Hunter World was added to the lineup for Microsoft’s  Game Pass on Xbox One.

Iceborne brought entirely new, as well as returning monsters, to the fray in addition to a completely new map. Having a completely reworked combat system, new gear and a new tier of Decorations gives even the most grizzled hunters something to chase. And with the PC launch of the expansion coming just a couple of months, we’re sure to see a bit explosion in hunters once again.

The company also recently announced a new Resident Evil event for MHW, which is sure to bring more players into the fold, given that Resident Evil is the most popular franchise Capcom has, right ahead of Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Iceborne will come out for PC in January 2020.

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